Benefits of wearing a sports bra

A sports bra is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. They are worn for comfort, support and durability whilst exercising. Different sports bra styles are ideal for all kinds of sports, from high impact exercise to low impact exercise. Even if you’re not into active sports, they’re comfortable to wear regularly and are becoming more popular to wear daily. But which is better, a regular bra or a sports bra? This all depends on the activities you’re doing. If you’re doing any sort of exercise, a sports bra should be your go-to. It’s more comfortable and will give you more support when exercising than a regular bra.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing a sports bra

Advantages of wearing a sports bra

The biggest advantage of wearing a sports bra is to maximize comfort and support. Sports bras are designed to offer the support your breasts need as you exercise, however energetically. They are made specifically to handle every direction of movement and there’s a sports bra for every form of exercise, unlike a regular bra. Your breasts will feel properly supported, making you as comfortable as possible when working out.

Wearing a sports bra in the correct material can also help with the sweat you produce when you exercise. Sports bras are made in a variety of fabrics that all serve different functions. You can wear a sports bra that wicks away the sweat from your body which will also increase air flow to your skin, keeping you dry and cool.

Another big advantage of wearing a sports bra is its ability to minimize breast movement when exercising. Just like any other muscle you use when working out, breast muscle ligaments also move and stretch and can become sore after exercise. Wearing the right supportive sports bra can hold your breasts firmly in place, stopping them from moving around as much and preventing pain and soreness you might experience after working out.

Sports bras can also help maintain breast shape. As the ligaments in breasts move and stretch when working out, this can lead to sagging and drooping breasts. Tears in the ligaments are sometimes irreversible and can result in sagging breasts in younger women. Sports bras give you support and stability that can help maintain your breast shape when exercising.

Disadvantages of wearing a sports bra

Most disadvantages of wearing a sports bra are purely cosmetic. Since sports bras are specifically designed for comfort and support, they don’t always look amazing. They can appear quite big and chunky underneath a t-shirt or shirt and they allow more coverage of the breasts so can be easier to spot.

Another disadvantage comes from buying the wrong type of sports bra. Make sure the one you buy is the right size to avoid any discomfort while exercising. It needs to be a little tighter than your regular bra to help with the support.

Commonly asked questions

Are there different types of sports bra?

There are many different types of sports bra. Each one is better for a specific type of exercise. Firstly you need to know that there are three impact levels for exercise. Running, dancing and ball sports are seen as high impact exercise. For these sports choosing an encapsulation bra is the best for you, as these have built-in cups that will give you added support for high physical activity. Hiking, cycling and brisk walking are medium impact exercise. And yoga and Pilates are low impact exercise. For medium and low impact exercise, compression sports bras are best. They compress the breast tissue close to the body, allowing minimum movement.

Can I wear a sports bra every day?

Yes, you can wear a sports bra daily. If your job is quite physical and you move around a lot, sports bras can be perfect to wear for comfort and support at work. If you work in warm temperatures, a sports bra is great to combat sweat issues and keep you cool. Or you could find a sports bra comfier to wear than a regular bra. But it’s crucial that you wear a sports bra that fits you properly. Wearing a bra that is too tight can feel constricting or painful and won’t give you the comfort you’re looking for every day.

Can I wear a sports bra for swimming?

Sports Bra While Swimming

Yes, you can swap out your bikini top for a sports bra. They’re comfortable, easy to move around in and, most importantly, they support your breasts when exercising. But choose a suitable fabric. Sports bras with heavy padding or that use heavy moulds are not suitable for swimming. When wet, these will get heavier and more uncomfortable to swim in. Choose a lightweight material with little to no padding. A sports bra can give you more support than a bikini or swimsuit but the materials may not last as long. Sports bras aren’t made to handle damage from chlorine or saltwater so bear that in mind when choosing a sports bra to swim in. Also make sure to check the clasp of your sports bra. Metals will eventually start to rust after being exposed to water for long periods of time. You can either find ones that have coated clasps or swim in a pull-on sports bra.

Can I wear a sports bra when breastfeeding?

sports bra when breastfeeding

Sports bras are becoming very popular for use when breastfeeding. They’re comfortable to wear when your breasts are sensitive and will give them support when they’re full of milk. They’re also often cheaper than nursing bras. But again you need to be cautious of the size you wear. Wearing a sports bra that is too constricting when breastfeeding can block your milk ducts, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. When choosing a sports bra for breastfeeding, make sure the band and the cups aren’t too compressed.


So, there are many advantages to wearing a sports bra. They can help support your breasts when doing exercise, they can be a comfortable alternative to wearing a regular bra every day and they also have medical benefits. Wearing a sports bra when working out can prevent pain and soreness in the muscles and help maintain your breast shape. Any disadvantages are cosmetic, meaning they may not look as pretty as regular bras. But the most crucial part about choosing and buying a sports bra is the fit. You have to make sure that while the bra is tight enough to help with support, it isn’t too constricting as this could cause discomfort and restrict breathing. Try on different sizes and designs of sports bras before deciding on the perfect one for you!

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