Guidewire Online Training on P& C Platform?

guidewire training
guidewire training

Guidewire Software Inc is a software publisher in the US. It offers the BEST in the Industry Property & Casualty Insurance platform to the Insurance Careers. It’s one of the best products amidst a whole list of other software providers. Learning and practicing Guidewire Software can give you a good career boost.

1. Guidewire Application to learn at first.

Since Guidewire Software is focused on catering Insurance domain customers. The front face of Guidewire Products is Guidewire Policy Center. It offers the face of the product to interact with the end customer. Guidewire Training will ensure to learn to use the product from the Policy Underwriters perspectives.

2. Who uses the Guidewire Software?

Guidewire software is used by the end users who operate Insurance company IT applications. Guidewire Online training will ensure you to learn and accomplice with the way of using this software for day to day usages. Policy Underwriters drafts Policy, Manages Billing by Billing application and claims handled by Guidewire Claim Center application.

3. Common Policy Center Functionalities.

Guidewire Policy Center is a Policy Administrative system used by the major Insurance companies worldwide. It supports Policy Underwriting, submitting customer requests, Validating Business Use Cases, providing quotation based on the selected coverages. It supports integrating with Rating Engine to come up with best quotes.

guidewire modules

4. Guidewire Career Options?

Guidewire offers some of the best job offers given the niche skill set. It offers a readymade solution for Insurance careers. All is expected from the Implementation partners is to Customize the product as per Client requirement. And make it suitable as per the custom way of a Client. Guidewire Online training team will assist in all stages of recruitment.

5. Guidewire Policy Center Configuration.

Guidewire works with GOSU programming language, it supports deployment to Guidewire Cloud. Policy Center covers all the Insurance domain core operations. Guidewire software products offer a huge range of job openings with technical changes. Changing Back end database and mapping them to the UI. 

6. Guidewire Policy Center Integration.

Another aspect of Guidewire Training will include Guidewire Policy Center Integration. It will cover all the basics of how these applications will interact with each other. Guidewire Integration covers How Policy Center talks to Guidewire Claim Center application via web services.

It includes below topics:

  • Web Services (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Messaging (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Batch Processes
  • Guidewire Policy Center Functional.

Apart from technical changes via Configuration and Integration. Guidewire Policy Center has some business use cases as well. It offers ready to use functionality to operate day-to-day Policy transactions. Policy Functional will include its Account creation, New Policy Submission. Supporting various Policy Transactions like Policy Cancellation, renewal, Policy Changes.

With Guidewire Online training we cover all the topics in detail and provide complete hands on experience to the candidates. Our training includes Guidewire Tutorials and all the  topics mentioned in the Guidewire Education platform for Policy Center specialist Certifications.


Guidewire Insurance Suite offers various modules under the parent Guidewire Software. Ranging from Guidewire Policy Center to Guidewire Billing Center and finally Guidewire Claim Center to handle customer claims requests. It comes with the latest blend of technologies and offers an easy to use and highly productive Guidewire Suites to manage Insurance day to day operations.

We at Guidewire Online training team will provide you with a Virtual Machine for your hands-on practices. You will be getting access to the latest version of Guidewire Insurance Suite software.

Your dedicated credentials will be created, and you will be able to do hands on practice on the complete Insurance Suite application.

Can refer Guidewire Online Training for any further training requirements and career options.

We provide complete support on Insurance Products from training to On the Job Support.

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