Side Effects of wearing a Silicon Bra: Is it safe to wear?

Side Effects of wearing a Silicon Bra
Side Effects of wearing a Silicon Bra

Silicon bras have surely made life easy and have certainly freed us from the red lines from straps on our backs and shoulders. Silicon Bras are comfortable and easy to wear. It adds to an amazing solution if you are wearing a backless dress or a revealing neckline. The adhesive cup of the silicon bra holds it in position and secures your natural shape. 

However, it is not advisable to wear it every day. Here is a list of side effects of wearing a silicone bra:

It can’t breathe

When wearing a silicon bra, there’s hardly any air that passes, and hence it may cause skin irritation. You may even feel discomfort on your breasts if you use it for long hours.

Skin Irritation

Silicone cups are usually made with low-quality silicone and these can cause skin irritations and rashes if you wear them for a long time. For some women, It can also cause an allergic reaction if you are using this bra daily. The adhesive used in these bras is a leading factor in causing skin irritations and rashes so it is advisable to only use it when it’s absolutely necessary. You can wear them occasionally with certain dresses but it is not fit for daily uses or for long durations

Growth of Bacteria

The outer region of the silicone bra is made out of plastic and one of the biggest side effects of using a silicone bra is that it can contribute to bacterial growth due to sweat and dirt. You need to clean it properly after using it or the smell will set on your bra and it will be difficult to clean.

Silicone Bra is definitely safe to wear if you are taking proper precautionary measures to avoid skin irritation and bad odor. Read the tips mentioned below to use it safely

Tips to use a silicon bra safely

  1. Clean and dry

 Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before wearing the silicone bra. First, wash your breasts with a shower gel to remove dirt and oil from your skin and pat dry with a towel. Wear them by standing in front of the mirror to have an asymmetrical view.

  1. Don’t use

Do not use any kind of powder, fragrances, or perfumes on the area before wearing a silicone bra. Do not use it on open wounds or cuts, if any.

  1. Timespan

Do not wear it for more than 6 hours- it may cause skin irritation. It is important to keep this in mind before you wear it. Plan your day accordingly so that you can make sure that you wear it not more than 6 hours.

  1. After Use

After using, rinse it with some warm water and some shampoo or hand wash. Let them dry overnight. This will remove excess oil and dirt and it will not cause any skin irritations when you reuse it.

  1. After removal

While removing it, peel it off gently. Removing it in a swift move may cause it to lose the adhesive quality.


Silicone bras are a great fit when it comes to halter dresses, backless dresses, rompers, or plunging necklines. With a little caution, it is an amazing add on to your wardrobe. And if you are looking for a one-liner answer on whether it is safe to wear or not- Yes it is!

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